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Epson lays claim to being the largest manufacturer of projectors in the world.  They are also the leader and primary manufacturer of the type of LCD panels that go into projectors.  That is their edge over the competition.  Epson produces more models in more projector categories than anyone, although they do not compete in the over 10,000 lumen class, at least not yet.

Epson is one of the largest suppliers to US schools, offering an aggressive program for the schools, that makes their projectors and accessories far less expensive than most.  Epson has stood out over the years for winning many awards relating to their warranty, replacement and post-sales support programs, which are excellent.

Epson is the world’s leading producer of projectors and is a notorious name in the United States. Epson produces home theater projectors, office projectors, and classroom projectors. Epson projectors use LCD technology and manufacture the LCD panels for its competition including Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, and several others.

Epson uniquely offers all-in-one projector systems such as their MovieMate line, as well as complete Epson home theater systems including: the Epson projector, the projector screen, speakers, and a DVD player – check out the Epson Ensemble HDs. has awarded Epson projectors more than any other brand.

Epson has long been a dominant player the market for projectors, both home theater projectors and business projectors. Epson, as a manufacturer, provides the LCD panels that are used in almost every other brand of LCD projectors. Epson projectors are known for superior engineering and design, for extremely sharp imagery, and for being conservatively rated. Typically, in projector reviews, Epson projectors almost always exceed claimed specifications (a rarity).

Equally impressive, Epson has been rated #1 , for both reliability and support, in independent studies of dealers and users. This has happened multiple times over the years. The Epson Home Cinema 6100, Pro Cinema 6100, and the Home Cinema 6500UB and Pro version, are among the best home theater projectors available, and have won multiple awards, with the Home Cinema 6500UB recently winning our Best in Class Award. Epson’s low cost home theater projectors, including the Home Cinema 700 and more impressive Home Cinema 720, are among the brightest.

Epson has established themselves as the leader in all-in-one home projectors, with the Epson Moviemate 72 being the most advanced on the market, with great picture quality and good audio performance. The less expensive MovieMate 55 provides impressive performance at a lower price point (under $700).

On the business side, Epson makes the most powerful under 4 pound portable projectors, in addition Epson offers some of the most advanced and best projectors for business and schools. Epson’s complete home theater solutions, the Ensemble HD series, received our top award – Outstanding Product of 2008, and may well revolutionize the industry! Read More..