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Transform a TouchLink Pro Touchpanel into a Full-Featured Room Booking Appliance


In today’s business environments, meeting rooms are in high demand; and finding an available room can be a time-consuming experience. Extron has simplified the room booking experience with Room Agent software, which works in concert with TouchLink touchpanels to create a complete room booking solution. The Extron Room Scheduling System conveniently displays a room’s meeting information and occupancy status on a standard TouchLink Pro touchpanel. While competitive devices rely on additional scheduling software or external processors, Room Agent ties TouchLink Pro touchpanels directly to Microsoft Exchange, delivering a convenient stand-alone room booking solution for any size application. Users can reserve rooms from any Exchange-connected device, including their mobile devices, or from the touchpanel, itself. Since Room Agent uses Extron’s popular 5" and 7" TouchLink Pro touchpanels, multiple mounting options are available, including on-wall, in-wall, as well as secure mounting to almost any flat surface, including glass or granite.

Depending how they are set up, Extron TLP Pro 520M, 720M, and 720T TouchLink Pro Touchpanels can be configured and used as either traditional touchscreen controllers or, by using Room Agent setup software, as full-featured room booking appliances. Room Agent Software is free, and makes setting up TouchLink Pro touchpanels a snap. Simply connect the touchpanel to your computer, open the free Room Agent software, fill in the required fields that compose the user interface, and you’re done. Customization options allow fields to be shown or hidden, depending on user preference.

scheduling tlppro520m dia

Key Features

  • Use TouchLink Pro Touchpanels for room booking and meeting information display
  • Room Agent™ software provides easy integration with Microsoft Exchange for convenient scheduling right from Outlook
  • Make on-demand reservations from the touchpanel, computer, or any smart phone or tablet that connects to Microsoft Exchange
  • Two bright LEDs make it easy to see if a room is occupied or available even from down the hall
  • Meeting rooms automatically become available as soon as a scheduled meeting ends
  • Two color themes, user provided background images and templates to create custom branding


Extron Pro Series Control System

pro-series extron

Recently introduced by Extron a new product lineup consisting of configuration software, new touchpanels, processors and other tools designed to handle today's AV system designs. 

The new Pro Series include over 40 control products, all designed to make complex systems simpler and simple systems more powerful.

New Touchpanels

pro-tpanels extron

12 new TouchLink Pro touchpanels with faster processing and more memory. Five of these are in new 5″, 12″, and 15″ sizes with capacitive touchscreens. The two largest sizes have high resolution video preview and a bold new design with edge-to-edge glass.

TouchLink Interface

tli-pro-101 extron

The Extron TLI Pro 101 is a TouchLink Interface that allows a third party touchscreen display to be used as a point of control within an Extron Pro Series control system. This interface includes a scaled HDCP-compliant HDMI input for video preview. The scaled output supports displays from 800×600 to 1920×1200, as well as HDTV 1080p/60. The TLI Pro 101 works with any Extron IP Link Pro control processor, enabling third party touchscreen devices to be used for complete, interactive control of conferencing systems, displays, switchers, and source devices.

Six New Control Processors

ip-link-pro extron1

The six new IP Link Pro control processors provide built-in Gigabit Ethernet and new network protocols, to allow fast and secure connections. When combined with the new Global Configurator Plus and Global Configurator Professional configuration software, these control processors are capable of enhanced functions including conditional logic as well as advanced scheduling and monitoring.

Configuration Software

global-configurator extron

Global Configurator is a control system configuration software ideal for a wide variety of control systems and applications, and helps streamline integration within today’s demanding AV control environments. Within this latest version, powerful features, such as conditional logic, variables, and macros provide even greater flexibility for more elaborate control system designs.

Global Configurator has two modes. Global Configurator Plus is ideal for smaller scale applications requiring one control processor and one control interface. Global Configurator Professional duplicates all of the features within Global Configurator Plus but is especially suited for applications requiring multiple control processors, enhanced functionality, and advanced configuration.


link-license extron

Extron LinkLicense is a simple way for people to use their mobile devices or computers as primary control interfaces in an Extron control system. This option gives integrators the freedom to choose control interfaces based on their customers’ specific needs. LinkLicense answers requests from customers to provide users the freedom to use their own tablets and laptops as the primary method of control within presentation environments so they may roam freely around the room. All new IPCP Pro control processors may be purchased with or without a LinkLicense.

GUI Designer

gui-designer extron

Extron GUI Designer is a software application used for the design, creation, and maintenance of Extron TouchLink Pro user interfaces. It allow to begin with ready-to-use design templates and resource kits, or to start from scratch and build custom layouts. The available design elements are fully customizable and matched carefully to popular AV system applications. In many cases, all the input sources, display control, and environmental settings are already in place.

“With the introduction of Extron Pro Control Series, we are entering a new era for Extron configurable control where powerful hardware and software work together to accommodate more elaborate AV system designs,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “At the heart of these new systems is Global Configurator Professional, which is loaded with advanced configuration tools including conditional logic, variables, and macros.