TENDZONE digital network audio products have excited the AV industry, it will totally change the entire application environment in the digital audio product industry . In short, TENDZONE had completely changed the original design architecture procedure of the audio system signaling a digital network processing revolution has come.


TENDZONE relies on its powerful technical and research capabilities, have already reach the top level in the industry. After years of continuous efforts, TENDZONE currently built a good reputation within the industry, and have fast becoming the most effective brand now. Tendzone products range from : Android T networking digital audio processing platform and Dmatrix collocate digital audio matrix  for large venue ,The Smart series integrative digital audio processor for small and Medium venue , AFC feedback canceller and AEC echo canceller, AM digital automatic mixer , DA multi-channel digital amplifier , CA network digital amplifier etc. All these products will solve the audio processing for the following venues : Conference centers, Stadiums, Hotels, Schools, Theatres , Transportation control centers, Churches, Shopping mall, Courtrooms and many more . Our aim is to be the No.1 DSP makers in the industry .


In order to develop and expand both locally and regional , Tendzone currently offer a 6 years Product Warranty Program, and have already built up regional support centers . In China , Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Sichuan ,Guangzhou and many more are already in place while regional countries like Singapore , Germany and USA are on the verge of going operational soon . With a collective group of high tech talents with professional and good practical experiences. These made TENDZONE the best in China now and is starting to radiate to the rest of the world . Our Motto being ‘ Do As You Think ‘ speaks for our R&D capability of 'Create In China'. Read More..